Health Officials Hold Townhall For Newaygo, Oceana Counties

As we continue our fight through COVID-19, the numbers have remained low in Northern Michigan but the questions remain high.

In an effort to help that, the District Health Department #10 held a virtual townhall meeting Monday afternoon to update the community on where Oceana and Newaygo County sit specifically.06 26 20 Covid Cold 12

The two counties have seen minor spikes in cases but much of that has been tied to outbreaks on farms.

The health department also took questions from the public, like what to expect from antibody tests.

“The accuracy of the test is not perfect and with the amount of COVID in our community, if you were to get a positive result, it’s predictive of a true positive about 30 to 40%,” says Dr. Jennifer Morse, “It has a high false negative rate so you would not want to rely on that telling you and we don’t know if it really does give you full immunity and for how long it would last.”

The entire townhall meeting is posted on the District Health Department #10 website.

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