‘College for Kids’ Program Encourages STEAM Learning during Summer Months

Northern Michigan College (NMC) is well-known for its extended learning and enrichment programs that range from jam and jelly making to cycling 101. They had to change the majority of their Lego2classes to ‘online’, and this includes their summer courses for children.

Given the name “College for Kids,’ this program aims to continue education going throughout the summer months with their STEAM learning. As of now, NMC is offering a very exciting virtual class that combines the building of Legos and the artistry of stop-motion filmmaking called ‘Lights, Camera, Lego‘. The young students will be able to plan, build, and then film their stories using a lego app, and a kit they receive through the mail. An instructor will be assisting virtually, and the children will be able to share their masterpieces with other students.

Kitchen Chemistry‘ is another online class that involves the science behind cooking, and teaches young aspiring chefs the tips and tricks of the trade. Plus, it encourages families to work as a team while dishing out delicious goodies.

Then, for those who are looking to explore a more artistic adventure, their ‘Sharpie Marker Art‘ workshops are great for sparking and encouraging creativity in youth.

NMC is continuously adjusting its classes to fit the current safety needs of both students and instructors, so courses are subject to change at any time.

To stay up to date about their ‘College for Kids’ program and courses, or to register, click here.


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