Yen Yoga & Fitness Implements COVID-19 Safety Guidelines and Virtual Membership

Yoga helps to ease our minds and bodies.  It’s a practice that people rely on to help feel an overall sense of well-being and relaxation. That’s why the staff at Yen Yoga & Fitness in downtown Traverse Yen Yoga & FitnessCity were eager to re-open their doors to the public, but have placed COVID-19 safety guidelines in place.

Temple Florip, the manager and an instructor with Yen Yoga, says first and foremost all people must wear a mask when entering the building but are able to remove the mask once they’re on their yoga mat or bike in the cycle room. People can also reserve their spot in classes online before they come into Yen Yoga and are required to take a temperature check before they can start a class. Florip says Yen Yoga staff are following the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization guidelines.

“We’ve been following the CDC and the WHO from day one. We’ve just done absolutely everything and then some to make sure that we’re staying safe. Recently, right before we opened we installed a new filtration system in this studio for our HVAC so that it kills all additional pathogens and viruses and we’re pretty excited about that,” says Florip.

Social distancing signs are posted throughout the building.

“There is plenty of distance between everyone and the next person and we’re limiting class sizes to eight to ten people so that we never go over those guidelines. Safety is the number one priority,” says Florip.

The floors throughout the yoga studios are also marked where people can place their yoga mats.

“People have ample distance between themselves and the next mat and with these mat markings, it allows people to just take out all the guesswork of where they should be. We let them know that when they check-in for their classes,” says Florip.

You also don’t have to worry about touching the main doors when you enter the building since there are new handles at the base of the doors for people to use their feet. It’s just another way, Yen Yoga is trying to keep germs from spreading. People are also being asked to not leave their mats at the studio like they were once able to.

If being inside a yoga studio is still something you are not comfortable with during the pandemic or would just prefer to workout from the comfort of home, Yen Yoga is also offering a monthly virtual membership.

“We have a virtual membership that can supplement our in-studio classes.  The virtual membership is priced separately.  It’s only $20 for an unlimited month of access. We have a whole bunch of classes every week from first thing in the morning until the evening,” says Florip.

If you’d like more information about Yen Yoga & Fitness in Traverse City including their COVID-19 safety guidelines which are listed on their website and also more details about their virtual membership click here.

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