White House Task Force to Hold 1st COVID-19 Briefing in Almost 2 Months

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Friday the White House Coronavirus Task Force will hold its first news briefing in nearly two months.

You can catch it on 9&10 News, our Facebook page, Watch Now page and on 9&10 News Plus on the free SBTV app.

This comes as COVID-19 cases continue to increase drastically in a number of southern and western states.

Texas paused its reopening plans in response to continued surges in cases and increased hospitalizations. And some counties in the state have made wearing masks mandatory.

In New Mexico, their governor paused reopening because not enough people were wearing masks.

And at least 17 high school students from Ohio tested positive for COVID-19 after a vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The county they’re from previously had reduced infection rates to zero.

Dr. Marc Boom, the President and CEO of Houston Methodist Hospitals, says, “If we don’t all work together to bring this curve back down, yes, we’re gonna have a challenging situation.”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield says he believes 5 to 8% of the nation’s population has been infected with the coronavirus based on antibody tests.

That means more than 90% of the population is still at risk.

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