The Four Friday Sessions: Kasey Vass Performs “I’ll Be Going”

For this week’s Friday Sessions on ‘The Four’, we featured a very young and talented artist from the Houghton Lakes area – Kasey Vass. She performed her song “I’ll Be Going” that keeps us hooked to the very last strum of her guitar.Capture

She is a treat to see live, and her soulful voice sounds like a cross between Peggy Lee and Janis Joplin. “I’ll Be Going” is a very simple tune with a few repetitive chords that complements the song’s passionate lyrics. “I swear that you’ll get through the day, just trust me on that… I’m going where my legs take me, yeah,” Vass belts out on the guitar, “the journey is better with you in it”.  The words are both haunting and motivating at the same time.

More information about Kasey Vass and her wonderful music can be found on her website or Facebook page.

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