House Police Reform Bill Passes, Moves on to Senate

06 26 20 House Passes Police Reform Bill Sot Vo

The U.S. House has now passed police reform legislation named in honor of George Floyd.

It comes one month after Floyd died in Minneapolis Police custody.

But the House proposal will likely be shut down by the Republican-run Senate.

The proposed bill includes a ban on chokeholds at the federal level and would make it easier for people to prosecute and file lawsuits against officers.

“The George Floyd Justice in policing act will fundamentally transform the culture of policing. To address systemic racism, curb police brutality and bring accountability to our police departments.”

Senate Republicans criticized the House legislation, calling it a “non-starter.”

They are upset at Senate Democrats for blocking a competing GOP proposal on Wednesday.

President Trump responded to the House bill, saying he will not support any bill that hurts police.