Table Health in Traverse City Incorporates CSA Farms of Northwest Michigan

Table Health in Traverse City is known as a functional medicine collective.  The organization has medical professionals, exercise experts, and even a registered dietitian on staff.  They work to Csapiccreate customized wellness plans and provide onsite workshops addressing health issues and creative ways to incorporate health into our diets.

Registered dietitian, Carol Bell provides the education behind different types of food, especially locally grown produce.  That’s why the ‘Community Supported Agriculture’ program or CSA is part of Table Health’s belief in getting nutrients and vitamins from what nature provides.

The CSA Farms program is available online to northern Michigan businesses and households.  People are able to contact the northern Michigan farms involved and place orders of what specific foods they’re interested in receiving. It’s become a health benefit and also a convenience factor, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information about how the CSA program works click here.

To contact Table Health in Traverse City and to see about programs and workshops click here.

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