Pres. Trump Plans to Move Military Troops From Germany to Poland

06 25 20 Trump Polish Visit Vo

President Trump plans to travel to Wisconsin on Thursday to continue on the campaign trail.

But before his trip, he made an announcement after hosting the first foreign leader at the White House since the coronavirus pandemic started.

Poland President Andrzej Duda met with the president at the White House Wednesday.

Now President Trump says a portion of U.S. military troops stationed in Germany are moving to Poland.

During the meeting, the leaders focused on defense cooperation.

“Poland is one of the few counties that are fulfilling their obligations under NATO, in particular they’re monetary obligations and they asked us if we would send some additional troops. They’re going to pay for that.”

President Duda’s visit comes just four days before an election in Poland.

Many have criticized his visit, calling it inappropriate because they see his visit as a way to boost his re-election campaign