Big Rapids Gym Owner Discusses Court Ruling Keeping Majority of Michigan Gyms Closed

Gyms in much of the state must remain closed after a ruling late Wednesday night from the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Governor Whitmer asked the Federal Court for a stay following a ruling by a U.S. District judge last week.

That judge said gyms should have been allowed to reopen statewide on Thursday.

Gyms in the Upper Peninsula and much of northern Michigan have already been open for a couple of weeks.

The owner of JD Fit in Big Rapids says the ruling is frustrating for him and his clients.

“My number one priority is my clients, their safety, overall safety, overall health, mental health everything else. So we take pride in that and I feel bad for them more than anything. So this is not just me it’s everyone else in this community. We can do this, we’re clean, we’re organized, give us a chance, that’s all we’re asking,” said John Durante.

JD Fit says they plan to continue offering classes in the park, over Zoom and work with clients online.

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