Gov. Whitmer Updates COVID-19 Fight In Northern Michigan and Beyond

While other states are seeing spikes of COVID-19 confirmed cases, Michigan continues on the path to recovery.

But are we starting to lose momentum?

“We’re going to stay close to the data and keep watching because the last thing we want to do is move too quickly,” says Governor Gretchen Whitmer.Whitmer Covid Update Pic

Michigan was recovering faster than any other state, on pace to reopen into Phase 5 statewide by the Fourth of July but the decision hasn’t been made yet.

“We’ve done an incredible job in Michigan but we’re seeing some spikes and it is concerning,” says Whitmer, “So we’re not in position to move into Phase 5 yet. It’s still could happen by July 4th, that was my hopeful goal.”

The most recent report of an outbreak is tied to an East Lansing bar. More than two dozen cases linked to the one spot.

“If it is randomized community spread, that’s very alarming. That’s what they’re seeing in Arizona, Texas and Florida,” says Whitmer, “If it can be associated to a place or an event, then we have a better shot at isolating the people that were there so that it doesn’t go to community spread.”

Uncontrolled spread would derail plans to get students back to school. Whitmer unveils her plan next week but the Republicans released their’s Tuesday. It uses $1.3 billion of federal funds to help.

“Dedicating additional resources for education is a great idea, unfortunately they didn’t identify where they’re going to get the money,” says Whitmer, “CARES Act dollars can’t be used in that way and they should know that.”

They argue school aid qualifies and leaders like Speaker Lee Chatfield point to his home district, who have been in Phase 5 for weeks now, as an example to move the rest of the state forward.

“My hope is that Northern Michigan shows the rest of the state how to do it well,” says Whitmer, “But I do know that people are getting tired of this and they are dropping their guard and that should be sending off alarm bells for everyone.”

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