Comfort Keepers Celebrates Annual National Day of Joy

A northern Michigan company spent Wednesday spreading joy across the area.

Comfort Keepers in Traverse City celebrated its second annual National Day of Joy.

The day focuses on encouraging people to share joy with those around them.

Comfort Keepers sponsored family portraits with a local photographer. And it also moved some events online.

Comfort Keepers asked people to post what brings them joy on social media using the hashtag #nationaldayofjoy.

“Now everyone is just feeling a little angst, you know, a little anxiety. Do I wear my mask, do I don’t wear my mask? So people are craving joy now more than ever. So now it’s easy to do, spread a little joy, make somebody smile,” said Comfort Keepers Co-Owner Russ Knopp.

Comfort Keepers recently did a survey on joy, and 85% of people said finding joy is more important now than ever.

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