Michigan Census Campaign in Need of Virtual Volunteers

The 2020 Census is in full swing, but Michigan’s “Be Counted” campaign leaders say they are in urgent need of volunteers.

Be Counted 2020Currently organizers are still looking for ways to resume community events safely.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all census field operations were suspended. Volunteers will help promote the census from home in virtual phone banks.

For the first time, the census can be completed online. However, for some, access to a reliable internet connection is difficult.

Volunteers will act as reminders to residents to complete the census and the options they have in order to do so.

“We’ve moved a lot of our outreach to phone outreach,” Michigan Statewide Census Director Kerry Ebersole Singh said. “Our state is doing well across the board as it relates to census response. Our work is not done until we ensure we deliver a complete count.”

If you are interested in volunteering for the virtual phone bank, you can visit here.