Good Reads from Brilliant Books: The Life & (Medieval) Times of Kit Sweetly by Jamie Pacton

“We’re with you, Girl Knight, until death, victory, or at least the end of the show”. We take a look at Jamie Pacton’s inspiring book about a wench who turns knight – set in modern-day medieval 9781624149528times. Anthony Ascione gives us the info in this edition of ‘Good Reads from Brilliant Books’!

The Life & (Medieval) Times of Kit Sweetly tells the story of a ‘serving wench’ at a medieval-themed restaurant. She secretly has aspirations to become one of the jousting knights like her brother, but unfortunately, the corporate policy has dictated that no woman shall be allowed to fight in the ring. 

After an unexpected incident happens to her brother, Kit sees this as an opportunity to try her hand at the game by taking her brother’s place. She manages to defeat the undefeated ‘Green Knight,’ and once Kit reveals herself – everyone has mixed emotions about it. 

Young girls in the audience and female co-workers are so inspired by Kit’s actions – they create a secret club for lady jousters.

You can purchase The Life & (Medieval) Times of Kit Sweetly from Brilliant Books in Traverse City at their store, or online

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