Business in Focus: B2 Outlet Stores Welcome 22nd Location

Since 2014, B2 Outlet Stores have been giving its patrons a reason to ‘purchase with a purpose’. The concept for these retail venues first began after the unfortunate passing of wife & mother, KarinB2 Smith.  Her husband and son, Duane and Matt Smith, used this opportunity to restore hope, inspire vision, and empower change in the world with their retail stores and community programs in Karin’s honor.

More than half of the profits from B2 Outlets have been used to help underdeveloped countries, like Guatemala, to build and grow resources for future success. They strive to give hand-ups that allow local families to help themselves and change for the better.

Their retail avenues can be compared to a TJ Maxx or a Burlington, and items such as furniture, toys, bedding, and clothing can be purchased at a discounted rate. These establishments can found all over ‘The Mitten’ – and on June 23, B2 Outlets will be opening up their 22nd location in Traverse City. 

“Having been in Big Rapids, Cadilac, Ludington, Gaylord, and several other Northern Michigan locations, we’ve wanted to get into Traverse City for quite a while,” said B2 CEO, Jason Hoffer. “This is a weird time to start, but we are excited to join the community of Traverse City.”

To make a positive mark at the newest location at 1792 South Garfield Ave. within the Cherryland Center, they will be making a donation to a local nonprofit that customers choose.

“We want them to let us know which local nonprofits they care about most,” Hoffer mentioned. “So, please come, please shop and let us know what the needs are in your community.”

As of 2019, B2 Outlet Stores have donated more than $1 million to nonprofits.

For more information about B2 Outlet Stores, other locations, and their mission, click here.


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