State Lawmakers Urge Gov. Whitmer to Reopen Unemployment Offices

State lawmakers are urging Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to reopen unemployment offices.

They say the in-person assistance will help with the delayed unemployment benefits people should be getting during the coronavirus crisis.

The lawmakers are suggesting the state’s unemployment offices reopen similar to how the secretary of state offices are open right now, which is by appointment only.

People continue to report being unable to get through to someone because of all the jammed up phone lines.

They are also not getting calls back if they go online to get help.

About 93% of eligible people looking for unemployment help have received or have been approved for their benefits.

Most of the remaining unpaid claims have been flagged for possible impostor fraud, and 37,000 accounts are in limbo for other reasons.

Michigan Democratic lawmakers are suggesting the state loan $1,000 in federal money to those still waiting.

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