Dive Teams Train, Explore ’40s Cargo Carrier Wreckage in Lake Michigan

06 21 20 Dive Training 3

Multiple law enforcement agencies took full advantage of the weekend’s gorgeous weather to do some dive team training.

They took a dip into Lake Michigan, south of Pentwater, at a unique training location—the site of a ’40s cargo carrier wreckage.

Together, the Oceana and Newaygo County Sheriff’s Offices, the Pentwater Police Department, and DNR conservation officers practiced a 40-foot dive by exploring the wreck of the SS Anna C. Minch.

The 380-foot ship broke in two during a storm in November of 1940.

The U.S. Department of Justice says this kind of dive training is crucial for agencies located near water. Dive teams can help with search and rescues, evidence collection, and salvage operations.

The Oceana County Sheriff’s Office called it a “perfect training day” on Facebook.

And The Newaygo County Sheriff’s Office shared Oceana’s Facebook post, saying they had a “great time training together.”