‘The Four’s Friday Sessions: The Marsupials Perform ‘Do the Trick’

If you want to talk about a band who is aching to get back out playing live – it’s The Marsupials. On July 2, they will be playing at the Headlands International Dark Sky Park on a first come first 83383160 2498674443588690 3320271652683513856 Obases with a limit of 100 people. In this edition of Four Friday Sessions, they played us into the weekend with their new song ‘Do the Trick’.

“Like the ambivalent creatures they’re named after, The Marsupials can not be easily categorized. The orchestrated rock/funk trio has evolved into a searing hot, dance-infused journey of chaotic poetry & ethereal grooves. Formed in 2014 by Tai Drury and Al Riesenbeck, this Harbor Springs creation has been pleasuring ears across their home state of Michigan.
Before the current line-up found each other, years were spent independently performing and traveling across Michigan in various groups. The Marsupials’ debut album, “Mellow Emergency (2017)”, is a clever blend of classic rock, funk, and ska with roaring vocals. Playing regularly from Marquette to Detroit has garnered them a loyal following throughout the mitten, as well as a significant buzz surrounding the group”.

For more information about The Marsupials, their music, and performances, click here.

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