President Trump’s Upcoming Tulsa Rally Spreads Concern for Virus

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President Trump is getting back on the campaign trail with a rally this weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Supporters are excited and already lined up for Saturday’s rally inside the 19,000 seat venue.

But health officials are expressing many concerns about the upcoming event in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tulsa County had a record number of positive coronavirus cases totaling 96.

And from June 6 to 13, the county saw a 116% increase in the number of daily reported cases from the previous week.

But that isn’t stopping the president.

The White House says they will take precautions, including temperature checks and handing out hand sanitizer and masks.

However, former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign said he won’t resume large scale events until it’s safe.

“Donald Trump’s desire to declare victory and be done with it, is only gonna impair the continued progress we have to make,” Biden said.

Those who have registered for the rally have agreed to not sue the Trump campaign and other entities if they catch the virus.

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