Officer Garrett Rolfe Held Without Bond For Killing of Rayshard Brooks

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06 19 20 Police Reform Latest VoFormer Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe, charged with the killing of Rayshard Brooks, made his first appearance in court.

Rolfe is being held without bond and is facing 11 charges, including felony murder.

The other officer charged, Devin Brosnan, posted bond.

By cooperating, Brosnan could end up being a witness in Rolfe’s trail.

But Brosnan’s lawyer says Brosnan suffered a concussion and was zapped by his own Taser during the struggle with Brooks. He says Brosnan was disoriented by the time Rolfe fired shots at Brooks.

At the time of his arrest, Brooks was on probation. A DUI conviction would have put him back behind bars.

Four months earlier, he talked to the group Reconnect about his personal struggles with the criminal justice system, saying, “We do have lives, you know. Was just a mistake we made, you know, and not…not just do us as if we were animals.”

Some Atlanta Police officers have called in sick, apparently to protest the criminal charges against the two officers.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp declared his state “backs the blue.”

He is trying to boost police officer morale by offering a $500 bonus to all the city’s police officers.