Bipartisan Michigan COVID-19 Relief Bill Includes $100 Million in Small Business Relief

Many small businesses have struggled to get through the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, a COVID-19 relief bill in Lansing is receiving bipartisan support. 06 18 2020 Relief Money For Small Biz Pkg 6

The bill includes $100 million in small business relief.

“We had a first week that was pretty quiet,” said Julie Adams, owner of Julienne Tomatoes in Petoskey.

Julienne Tomatoes just reopened their doors in June after nearly three months closed.

To help, they were able to secure some grants and a paycheck protection program loan.

“Without them, we wouldn’t have made it through,” Adams said. “Without those, the challenge of even still having the doors open would be very great.”

With a focus on safety they’ve started using protective equipment for staff, implemented social distancing at their tables and a started a delivery service.

“So you have all these additional expenses, again expecting to only be able to function at 50% capacity, so you can see where some funding from whatever you can get is a big benefit,” Adams said.

Even while back open-many businesses are facing an uphill battle.

“Traverse Connect and our partners at Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance have been advocating for further progress at the state level,” said Warren Call, President and CEO of Traverse Connect.

Call also serves as a member of the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance

“Even though they are operating, we’re glad to see them operating, it’s still a challenging environment,” Call said. “There is widespread acknowledgement that because of the hole we fell into in March and the great uncertainty across the economy, there is a lot more that needs to be done from a stimulus standpoint.”

For Adams and Julienne Tomatoes, it is about controlling what they can.

“We are hoping that with all of our steps, and our good record in Emmet County, we’re able to get people out and continue to let our business not only survive, but thrive,” Adams said.

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