TBAISD Working with School Districts on Reopening Plans, Discussion

While Governor Whitmer plans to release guidelines for schools by the end of the month, some local school districts have already started having those discussions.

Schools across the Traverse Bay Intermediate School District have already started talking about what school might look like for students in the fall.

“We want to march towards a safe environment for all students and staff and recognize when the conditions are appropriate that we would like to give face-to-face instruction because I think there’s a recognition that the highest quality of learning happens when we’re able to connect with our students and bring them to school,” said Superintendent Dr. Nick Ceglarek.

The TBAISD wanted to get schools talking and planning now for challenges they’ll likely face down the road. Issues with things like transportation, classroom layout and what to do if remote learning must return.

“It’s a novel virus, we’re learning new things about it every day and so I think it’s critically important to know that the importance of being flexible and adaptable and even though we’re planning in this fashion recognizing we may have to pull back we may have to adjust, j think that’s a reality,” said Dr. Ceglarek.

The roadmap schools must follow will ultimately be set by the state and it’s still too early to say exactly what the school year will look like. But, districts in the TBAISD wanted to at least have some kind of framework in place, giving them as much time possible to prepare.

“The work that we’re doing as a region we don’t want to duplicate what’s happening but we also want to try and understand and leverage the unique partnerships that we have in northern Michigan,” said Dr. Ceglarek.

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