Six Northern Michigan Communities Receive Grants for Small Business COVID-19 Relief

Small, local businesses are receiving some much needed help after going through the pandemic.

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation announced 22 communities received grants to help with COVID-19 relief.

One of the communities to receive the grant was Mount Pleasant.

They received $48,000 through the Match on Main grants that will help 22 businesses that didn’t receive help from the Paycheck Protection Programs that many others benefited from.

This grant also helped retain 152 jobs in the downtown Mount Pleasant area.

“This is vital for their survival so we’re so happy for the help from the Mid Michigan Development Corporation and the MEDC and we just can’t say how happy we are enough,” said Michelle Sponseller, the Downtown Development Director.

Other northern Michigan cities that received grants as well were Grayling, Traverse City, Charlevoix, Big Rapids and Rogers City.

Grayling received $42,000 benefiting 12 businesses. Traverse City got $50,000 for 18 businesses. Charlevoix received $50,000 for 10 businesses, while Big Rapids got $45,000 benefiting 7 businesses. Also, Rogers City got $27,000 for 9 businesses.

The full list of businesses receiving support can be found here.

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