Pellston Schools Making COVID-19 Upgrades Thanks to Sinking Fund Millage

Governor Whitmer has put together a task force to come up with guidelines for schools to reopen this fall. 06 16 2020 Pellston Precautions Pkg 6

While their findings aren’t expected until July, one Northern Michigan school district is already making upgrades for the fall.

“We’re going to do absolutely everything in our power to make sure our kids are safe when they return,” said Pellston Schools Superintendent Stephen Seelye.

Seelye hopes students will return to the classroom in the fall.

That’s why he and his staff have been working to figure out what that would look like.

“Our student miss being in school, for certain our teaches are feeling this emptiness,” said Pellston Elementary School Success Director Tammy VanAntwerp. “We are very excited and I think the students and families are very excited to look forward to fall and being back in session.”

“We felt there were steps we could go above and beyond in our district with the use of our sinking fund dollars,” Seelye said.

They will now install Global Plasma Solutions air scrubbers to filter out bacteria and viruses.

The White House uses the same devices which have proven to reduce COVID-19 at about a 99% rate within 30 minutes.

They are also installing copper door handles and touchless faucets, soap and paper towel dispensers.

“We are trying to be as proactive as we can to make the safest environment for our students to return to,” Seelye said.

These upgrades are added to their planned sinking fund upgrades which include updates to the middle/high school roof, security and technology are also planned.

Issues that were further highlighted by this pandemic.

“It’s allowed us to see where those holes are in rural community like ours and give us the opportunity to at least plan for the fall,” said Middle/High School Principal Enos Bacon.  “We’re in the process of planning those things out and hopefully we’ll have a seamless process for whatever comes.”

Much needed upgrades made possible by the community.

“Without the sinking fund the voters approved in March, we wouldn’t be able to do it,” Seelye said.

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