Michigan Legislature Advancing Toll Road Feasibility Study

It may be overshadowed lately but Michigan still has a road funding issue and the state legislature still has to figure out a way to pay for a fix.

Could toll roads be the answer?

Michigan’s road funding situation is so dire that they have to be a little creative to find solutions. Toll roads aren’t anything new, they use them for our bridges but it could be something new and improved for Michigan.Toll Roads Pic

“Let’s find out what would it take to do tolling,” says Representative Jack O’Malley of Lake Ann, ”How could we move forward or should we not move forward?”

Neighbored orang states have them but Michigan does not. Is Michigan missing out by not turning their highways into pay-to-drive services?

“I-96, 94, 69, 127, 131, all potentially could be toll roads,” says Rep. O’Malley

Tuesday the House Transportation Committee voted to pass a bill that would approve a feasibility study Into toll roads and Michigan.

“What the cost would be to retrofit our infrastructure?” says O’Malley, chair of the Transportation Committee.

Many states with the systems in place, did so long ago, when the interstates were still being laid out. Would doing so now be worth the money and hassle?

“How many exits do we have?” says O’Malley, “In theory many of those exits would have to be closed because we are now limiting entrance and access.”

If passed, the bill would just approve the two year study. Then the legislature can make a final decision, with as much information as they can get.

“If this goes through we’ll find out and that’s why I voted for it,” says O’Malley, “I don’t think tolling is really a good idea and doesn’t make sense but let’s find out. I could possibly be wrong.”