CMU Professor’s COVID-19 Lesson Goes Global

One CMU professor is weaving the coronavirus with chemistry.

Chemistry Professor Brad Fahlman created a new interactive lesson for students in partnership with textbook company McGraw Hill—and it’s popular worldwide.

“They (McGraw Hill) wanted to created some of these fun activities that would foster student motivation and interest in the classroom,” Fahlman said. “And, of course, the topic at that time is coronavirus, it still is, and it seemed like an attractive context.” 

06 16 20 Cmu Covid Mtm Pkg.transferThe lesson is geared toward high school and college students who are in a general chemistry class.

“It really teaches how molecules interact with each other,” Fahlman said.

Fahlman’s lesson is being used by instructors across the globe.

“Several inquiries came back from instructors expressing their desire for more activities like these for them to use,” said McGraw Hill Director of Customer Marketing Michael Gedatus. “They want more activities like this for their classroom.”

Fahlman says this is an important lesson for everyone to know, not just students.

“Do soaps really break apart viruses, are they really effective and same with hand sanitizers? It’s good for people to really know the science behind it and to really know what is more effective,” Fahlman said.

You can view the interactive demonstration of the lesson here.

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