Airlines Enact New Regulations for Pandemic

06 16 20 Covid Airline Lastest Wipe Vo

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way travelers fly. And some airlines are rolling out new policies as early as this week.

The airline industry took a financial hit because of fewer passengers the last three months.

Many airlines—including Delta, American and United—are requiring all passengers and employees to wear a mask.

This week, United will blacklist a passenger if they refuse to wear a mask. United flights will be off limits to blacklisted passengers for at least a while.

And after every Delta flight, electrostatic sprays are used to disinfectant the planes. The special cleaning uses electrostatically-charged mist so the chemicals cling better to surfaces.

For Delta flights, airport EMTs will be called if a passenger is visibly sick. Based on their recommendations, the airline can decide not to let the passenger on board.

The company projects it will take two to three years for the airline industry to recover.

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