Traverse City Bike Shops Experiencing Boom in Sales

Bike sales have seen a major increase across the country in the last two months.

One industry analyst says it’s the biggest sales spike for the cycling industry since the 1970’s.

Brick Wheels in Traverse City says business is up 25 percent right now as bikes have quickly become the latest coronavirus commodity.

“We had probably an adequate supply to get us through to this point but with the gyms closed, no Major League Baseball, no soccer, no Little League, kids are out of school, parents are antsy to get their kids out doing something, so bicycling became the thing to do,” said owner Tim Brick.

It’s a similar story at McLain Cyle and Fitness, where they say they haven’t seen sales like this in 20 years.

“We’ve sold through our inventory as if it was the end of August, that’s how crazy it’s been and we’re waiting for more product, we’re hoping to see more product very shortly, but still it’s going to be a tough year getting enough product,” said Owner Bob McLain.

The stores repair shops have been just as busy as their sales floors.

“We were taking in so many bikes we actually had to close at 3:00 instead of 6:00 so we would have some time to work on bikes,” said Brick.

“We’ve hired a lot of new people and we’re looking for more. We’re 2,3, 4 weeks behind sometimes in the shop so now we’re getting caught up some,” said McLain.

And the demand shows little sign of slowing down.

“Business has been booming. Where a lot of businesses are slow or just starting to reopen we’ve been going at it and we’re very grateful,” said McLain.

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