20 States See Surge in New COVID-19 Cases

06 15 20 Covid Latest Vo

New coronavirus cases are rising in more than 20 states as the nation reopens and people begin gathering again.

The surge in new infections is primarily in states in the south and west.

There are now more than 2 million confirmed cases in the U.S. and more than 115,000 people have died.

Three of the country’s most populated states—Texas, Arizona and Florida—hit record highs for new COVID-19 cases this weekend.

For over a month, bars and restaurants in Arizona have resumed indoor seating, but now many businesses are voluntarily shutting down again to disinfect.

Florida International University College, says, “So long as we continue to have mass gatherings and so long as we have individuals who don’t remember how serious this virus is, yes, we will continue to see more and more cases.”

Some areas of the world are reopening to tourism. The European Union will be lifting border restrictions between its members on Monday.

Travelers from the United States have not yet been given to go-ahead to be able to go to Europe.

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