Short’s Brewing Company Delivers Beer by Sea Plane

Since the start of the pandemic, Short’s Brewing Company has been delivering beer to customers’ front doors.

Owner Joe Short wanted to switch it up and deliver Saturday’s round of drinks in style.

“We are getting a seaplane delivery from Short’s Beer,” said customer Kathy Bryant.

Kathy can see one of Short’s breweries from her back yard and when they announced a seaplane delivery of their products, Kathy was first to make an order.

“When you’re locked down for a month at a time and they come up with something like this? This is awesome,” said Kathy.

These big gestures are what keep her coming back.

Kathy says, “I couldn’t ask for a better place around here and a better bunch of people that do fun things and love the community.”

Owner Joe Short, says he wanted to do something that was special and personal.

“We’re in the food and beverage industry, and we’re in the business of having entertainment and fun,” said Short.2ce1ce13 8b62 45f2 9695 612ece2532ec

And for the trip’s pilot, what is what it is all about.

“Joe is a very adventurous guy and I am as well and so we kind of bounce ideas off each other to see if we can get the other one to say no and it hasn’t happened yet,” said pilot Steve ‘Aquabear’ Smith.

With help from Steve, the two made stops at six different locations.

“I had seen that they were doing deliveries and I’m always looking for a great excuse to go flying.”

All to see customers smile as they get their personal delivery.

“It’s the highlight of my summer so far,” said Kathy.

Short’s Brewing Company says Saturday’s deliverers went off without a hitch and are looking ahead to plan another seaplane run.