Paws for Health: Importance of Spaying & Neutering Our Pets

During a ‘Paws for Health’ with Dr. Jen Klabunde from Northwood Animal Hospital in Grand Traverse County, she talked about the need to spay and neuter animals. Dr. Klabunde says 6.5 millionHealth 4385852 1920 dogs and cats are in animal shelters across the United States because of the overabundance of animals reproducing. Of those animals, each year, 1.5 million young and old animals are euthanized because of overcrowding in the shelters.

Dr. Klabunde says there are countless reasons why some animals end up in shelters, but those numbers would be able to go down some if more pet owners spayed and neutered their animals.

Plus, Dr. Klabunde says there are several health complications and concerns that can come from not getting your dog or cat fixed. Everything from reproductive types of cancers to animals acting out emotionally can result. She says spaying and neutering can help eliminate those medical concerns.

For more information from Dr. Jen Klabunde or for a direct link to Northwood Animal Hospital click here.

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