Cherry Hill Haven Residents Enjoy Classic Car Parade

It was a drive down memory lane for some seniors in Traverse City. Classic Car Parade

The residents at Cherry Hill Haven got their own private classic car parade on Friday.

The senior home has enjoyed car shows in the past but that was not possible this year because of the coronavirus.

The life enrichment director at Cherry Hill Haven says that events like the parade make a big difference and bring joy to their seniors especially with current restrictions on visitation.

“We are serving our most vulnerable population but we are also vulnerable when we’re inside all of the time. So any opportunity to get outside and have contact with the outside world even just through a wave and a smile is really powerful for our seniors,” said Hali McRoberts, the Life Enrichment Director at Cherry Hill Haven.

The parade was put on with help from Heartland Hospice and the Antique Automobile Club of America

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