Senior Animals Visit Senior Citizens at American House in Charlevoix

Seniors in assisted living facilities across Northern Michigan have been in isolation for the last several weeks due to COVID-19 and their compromised health. The American House in Charlevoix About Animal Sanctuary Goatstaff has been doing everything in their power to put a smile on their face. Today they got a visit from some of the animals at Last Dance Rescue Ranch, a nonprofit and animal sanctuary providing end-of-life care to old farm animals. 

April North, the founder of the non-profit wanted to break-up the monotony of the seniors’ day-to-day by popping Jasper the Donkey’s head in their window to say “hello”. Their reactions were priceless. “They were totally excited. The donkey just threw them for a loop— they loved it,” says Lesley Jagodzinski, the Life Enrichment Director at American House in Charlevoix. 

A simple act of kindness creating ripples — making many seniors feel seen and cared for by those in their community. 

Last Dance Rescue Ranch is home to 78 farm animals including donkeys, cows, goats, dogs, cats, bunnies, turkeys, etc. Any kind of farm animal has a place at the ranch. As you can imagine this is a lot of responsibility. The Ranch could use monetary donations or physical donations. If you are interested in supporting this local nonprofit click here for more information or click here to donate. 


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