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Miner’s North Jewelers Welcomes Customers with Safety Guidelines in Place

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As more retail businesses begin to open back up, that has safety precautions and guidelines also being pushed to the forefront. Miner’s North Jewelers in Traverse City is one of the stores welcoming people back with open arms and even face masks.

All of the staff wear face masks and encourage customers to stay six feet apart from other customers while in the building. They have signs marked on the floor to clearly indicate this and also have a table set up at the front entrance with hand sanitizer and disposable face masks.

“We’re following all the recommendations that we’re supposed to, you know when you come into a jewelry store you want to try things on, so we still are encouraging customers to try things on but we’re cleaning, more than usual,” says Miner’s North general manager, Jeff Guntzviller.

Guntzviller says before Miner’s North re-opened their doors on May 22, they were doing curbside service, which enabled staff to communicate with customers and continue doing business. They also enhanced their social media connection as well over the last several weeks.

“One thing that has been huge for us through this whole thing is we have a live chat feature on our website, and we’re ready to respond right away but it’s been amazing the amount of communication we’ve gotten through that portal. Whether it’s just asking a simple question or making a complete sale. It’s been great,” says Guntzviller.

Miner’s North is also continuing to work on expanding its store to include the building space next door.  Construction on the site started well before the pandemic hit.

“Our new re-opening date is going to be around the beginning of September. We’ll have a couple support beams in the middle of this whole thing will be open and both sides are going to be cohesive. So, once this new side is done, we’ll put all of our current showcases and everything over there until this site is done,” says Guntzviller.

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