Grant Me Hope: Kaylen and Mikayla

Back in 2018, we shared the story of two inseparable sisters that are looking for a loving family. Unfortunately, Kaylen and Mikayla are still available up for adoption, but their spirits are still high.Kaylen And Mikayla Their story has changed since then, and Grant Me Hope gives us an update.

Kaylen is an active young lady who makes “hoops, harmony, and honors” a big part of her life. She is an excellent athlete who plays point guard and shooting guard. “She has aspirations of being in the Women’s National Basketball Association,” says Kaylen’s worker. In addition to excelling in sports, she also earns good grades and is an honor roll student. “Kaylen has stated a strong desire to make her life even more harmonious by becoming a member of a forever family”.

Mikayla is the artist of the fantastic sister duo, who uses her vivid imagination to write.  “Mikayla stated she wants to be a professional writer when she grows up,” says her worker, “in addition to writing, Mikayla enjoys playing chess and other board games as well as dancing and singing”.

Grant me Hope wants to stress that, “A forever family must be willing to adopt siblings Mikayla, Kaylen, and Darnell. The children would do best with a mom and dad who have parenting experience. They’ve all stated a preference for a family who has other children. They’ve also said that they want a family that shares their interest in a variety of activities including attending church. Finally, their family must advocate for any services that will help Kaylen, Mikayla and Darnell thrive at home and in school”.

Grant Me Hope is a collaboration between the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange, 9&10 News, and the business community.

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