Lawsuit Filed Against Michigan Secretary of State, County Clerks Over Voter Registration Rates

A lawsuit filed Tuesday against Michigan’s Secretary of State and more than a dozen Michigan county clerks claims they all violated the National Voter Registration Act.

The lawsuit accuses them of not keeping clean and accurate voting records, and that some counties have ‘abnormally high’ voter registration records.06 10 20 Mi Voting Lawsuit Pkg6

A 17 page document outlines accusations against Michigan’s Secretary of State and more than a dozen county clerks, including several in northern Michigan.

The documents cites data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2014-2018 American Community Survey and the most up to date counts of registered voters from the Secretary of State’s office.

The suit says Leelanau County has a voter registration rate of 102% and other counties like Antrim and Grand Traverse have registration rates that are ‘abnormally high’.

The Leelanau County clerk wasn’t able to comment on the lawsuit but the Secretary of State’s office sent us this statement:

“The goal is 100% registration among those who are eligible, as higher registration is a sign of a more robust and representative democracy.

The suit seeks to gain media attention using debunked claims and bad statistics to delegitimize our elections. It compares old census data and registration numbers that make no attempt to distinguish between active and inactive registration, and asserts the false notion that voter registration rates should be low.

Michigan has had one of the best motor-voter systems in the country for decades, whereby nearly all eligible citizens who get a driver’s license or state ID also register to vote. As with other states, there is a federally mandated delay before some registration records are cancelled to ensure responsible list maintenance and this has never been credibly linked to illegal voting on any substantial scale.”

The lawsuit is connected to a group called Honest Elections Project.

The same group that’s taken legal action in voting cases across the country and recently launched an ad campaign centered on voting.

We also looked into one of the attorneys listed on the lawsuit: William Consovoy.

It turns out he’s a personal attorney for President Trump.

And Consovoy was mentioned just 10 days ago in an article by the Washington Post.

That article claims Consovoy is helping to lead a multi-million dollar effort by conservatives to target those eligible to receive ballots and who stays on voter rolls leading up to the 2020 election.

The article claims the plan is to use advertising and lawsuits.


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