Traverse City Business Donates Proceeds to NAACP

A Traverse City business owner wants to show that anyone can make a difference in the fight for equality. Lakes And Grapes Donation Vo 10.transfer

Lakes and Grapes is a clothing company that was created with a mission of equality, inclusion, empowerment and providing a positive culture for everyone.

The young company has created a t-shirt with the slogan We Stand Together.

All of the proceeds will be donated to the NAACP.

The We Stand Together tee is getting a lot of buzz locally and around the country as well.

“We’ve also had purchases from all over Illinois, Arizona, California, so it’s been really great to see that it’s taken off at a national level too and not just local. And our goal is to try to sell as many shirts as possible so we can raise as much money as we can to donate back to the NAACP,” said Owner Abby Clear.

The We Stand Together shirts are available for purchase until Sunday.

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