Cybersecurity Experts Warn of More Countries Trying to Influence 2020 Election

As Americans in five states cast ballots in primary contests Tuesday, the lessons of Russian interference in the 2016 election are looming.

Cyber experts are warning about more countries than ever trying to influence the 2020 vote. Election Cybersecurity Vo 12.transfer

Cybersecurity experts are working overtime to protect the upcoming presidential election from hackers, and they’re tackling the threat one state at a time.

Just last week Google’s Threat Analysis Group reported foreign hackers had already targeted Joe Biden’s and President Donald Trump’s campaign staffers.

There was no sign accounts were compromised.

But there is still warnings out there that dozens of countries are using cyberattacks and disinformation in attempts to influence the election.

There’s also the added challenge of candidates and staffers working from home.

The University of Southern California Election Cybersecurity Initiative is organizing training from coast to coast.

The initiative is halfway through its plan to hold virtual workshops in all 50 states by November inviting candidates, campaign workers and election officials to learn how to protect elections.

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