Weather 101 Lesson: Sea Breeze

With summer around the corner, you may notice when you head to the beach that there is a breeze off the water.Landscape Photograph Of Body Of Water 1001682

The difference in temperatures between the water and the land causes a breeze to flow from the water to the land. This is because as the land and water heat up in the afternoon, the land will heat up faster. This causes the air above the land to rise to form a mini low pressure over the land and a mini high pressure in the atmosphere. This warm moist air will then move towards the lower pressure over the water. Here the air will be cooled and sink back down to the water. This will form a high pressure at the surface of the water.

We know that air always moves from high to low pressure and now a wind will form off the water from the air blowing from the high to low pressure. This process will continue to happen until the atmosphere becomes balanced.

Fun Fact –  At times a seas breeze can be so strong that if enough moisture is available it can form it’s very own thunderstorm! 

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