No Wake Permit Sent to DNR for Lower Herring Lake, Benzie County

A proposal to have a no wake lake in Benzie County has been sent to the DNR for approval.

For the last five years, the lower Herring Lake in Benzie County has seen record high water levels, causing damage to beaches and properties.

Recently, the Elberta Township applied to the DNR for a permit to have a no wake zone for boaters.

Vernon Noble, board member of the Lower Herring Lake Association, says, “We’re setting records, this is the highest the water has been. We’re hoping to reduce the damage we receive this year, we’re hoping the water levels go down.”

The DNR has 10 days to investigate and 30 days to make a decide on whether to permit no wake zones on Lower Herring Lake.

In the meantime, the lower Herring Lake has a 14 day temporary no wake zone.