Benzie Central Students Document History in Real Time

Four Benzie Central student interns are looking into the different perspectives people have on the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the past year, student interns Melia Lorenz, AuSable Kreiner, Finn McLaren and Reeve Katt from Benzie Central High School have worked to better record Benzie County’s history for the Benzionia Public Library.

When COVID-19 hit, they started documenting history in real time.

“We’re in the middle of history it’s so many ways and the fact that we get to be a part of it, document it and share it,” Lorenz says.

The students interviewed people to capture different perspectives on the pandemic, like experiences with the stay at home order.

Kreiner says, “A lot of them actually appreciated the time they got to spend with their families, they didn’t realize that they were missing that before the pandemic.”

Or the protests in Lansing.

Lorenz says, “One straight out said I think it’s ridiculous, and the other one said I think it’s ridiculous, but I think you have to understand that, you have to question what made people get so angry to feel the need to protest.”

Katt says, “It was interesting to see because one person had some false information that was easily proven to be false, it’s interesting to see how people saw things.”

Now, these young historians get to share their research, playing a role in how we remember this pandemic for years to come.

Lorenz says, “What better way to end it than with literally history because we’re in the middle of history.”

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