Kettunen Center in Tustin Closing

The Kettunen Center in Tustin is closing its doors and being put up for sale.

The 4-H Board of Trustees has been discussing the future of the center for years. After having to cancel summer activities, the overall loss of revenue due to COVID-19 accelerated the decision to close.

The Kettunen Center has been a part of the community for nearly 60 years, hosting statewide 4-H programs, school band camps, and quilting clubs.

Sara Stuby, president of the Michigan 4-H Foundation, says, “We all know what, probably, financially we need to do for the best interest of the entire organization. But it’s still heartrending in the fact that we all have enjoyed our time and our experiences that we’ve had at Kettunen Center.”

The 4-H Board of Trustees is currently looking at real estate brokers to sell the property.

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