GTPulse Continues to Connect with Grand Traverse Community During Pandemic

GTPulse your weekday news brief for all things happening in the Grand Traverse area. From restaurants and shops to farms and schools, the main focus of this daily column is to keep the community Brihgid Driscollinformed with good news from around town. 

We were able to catch up with GTPulse’s Brighid Driscoll who gives us a peek into up and coming articles, and how COVID-19 has turned her into a compulsive shopper. 

“Cherry season is just around the corner, and I will be exploring the health, skin, and sleep benefits of this juicy fruit with a local nutritionist,” Brighid states. “You don’t really think about health when you think of cherries, you think about pie.”

Another future article includes the hilarious pandemic purchases that some people have made – including Brighid herself. “I feel like I bought so many things that I don’t need… I bought a $65 picnic blanket,” she said. “I’m like this is so much money, and why do I need that right now? I not leaving the house.” Taking from her personal experiences, she talked with some local comedians in Traverse City about their best quarantine shopping moments, and the answers she got were hilarious. 

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