Corner Store in Evart Destroyed in Fire

Fire fighters battled a major fire Wednesday in downtown Evart, as the Corner Store on Main Street was set ablaze.

Fire crews were called to the scene this Wednesday morning. When they got there, the store was in flames.

Around 2pm, the building collapsed, flames and smoke filled the air.

At least six different fire departments helped to put out the fire: Evart, Reed City, Lincoln Township, Big Rapids, Tustin and Leroy. The state police are also here.

As of now, no other buildings surrounding the Corner Store have been damaged.

The owner, Ryan Hopkins, tells 9&10 News that it’s still unclear how the fire started.  Hopkins has owned the convenience store since 2007.

The Corner Store has been a staple in the community for more than a century. Now, Hopkins

says he’s sad it’s gone but grateful no one’s hurt.

“It’s a big two-story building, it’s an old building, so to see this many departments here and sacrificing their time and their safety is absolutely amazing,” says Hopkins.

Hopkins says it’s still too early to determine what’s next. Right now, there’s just a lot to process.