Cadillac Casting, Inc. Partners With Rogue Fitness

A huge partnership has officially launched for one northern Michigan company. Cadillac Casting, Inc. has joined forces with Rogue Fitness to make some of their products and distribute them worldwide.

First batch just hit the dock from Cadillac, Michigan. We will have daily deliveries going forward in much larger…

Posted by Rogue Fitness on Wednesday, June 3, 2020

“It’s been very busy for Cadillac and our partners but the payoff is great and we’re glad to do it with a partner like Rogue Fitness,” said Cadillac Casting, Inc. Sales Manager Dennis Thornburg.
The Cadillac-based company began their partnership with one of the leading manufacturers of gym equipment about a month ago. Since then, they’ve been working around the clock to get these products made.
“Rogue Fitness was looking for a reliable ductile iron source in the US to partner with,” said Thornburg. “They actually reached out to us about four weeks ago and this has been a very rapid launch for both parties, but we were fortunate enough to meet their timing and connect on some of their exiting products that really have been traditionally purchased in China and other low cost countries.”
To start, they’re partnering with Rogue to produce their kettlebells.
“We’re going to transition and then continue to make kettlebells, but then transition to other products, such as their plates, their weightlifting plates and then we’re also looking at several other of their products as well,” added Thornburg.
Cadillac Casting, Inc. says they’re proud to put Cadillac on the map with a global manufacturer.
“It means a tremendous amount to Cadillac’s reputation for providing quality ductile iron products in a timely fashion and our reputation in the industry,” said Thornburg. “In our partnership they’ve really promoted Cadillac Casting and parts made in Michigan, so there’s a map of the state of Michigan on there and proudly made in the USA on there.”
To purchase the Rogue products made by Cadillac Casting, Inc. you can visit their website.