Traverse City Officials Ask For Peaceful Protests

With violence and riots happening throughout the country after the death of George Floyd, many cities are preparing for their own protests and pushing from them to remain peaceful.

That was the case on Tuesday in Traverse City.Tc Protest

This comes after talks of a possible protest happening on Saturday in downtown Traverse City. Mayor Jim Carruthers says people across the state and country are frustrated.

“We’re here to support all the efforts of people in their willingness to peacefully protest here in Traverse City,” said Mayor Carruthers. “We have to deal with the unfortunate circumstances of the death of George Floyd. Many people are very frustrated.”

The city officials want the citizens of Traverse City to know they support peaceful protests.

Traverse City PD Chief Jeff O’Brien says what they don’t want is to see them turn violent, like many have especially in the state of Michigan.

“It’s ripping our country apart and it’s got to stop.”

O’Brien says he also wanted to get across that as a member of law enforcement, they do not condone what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“I speak for everybody in law enforcement we do not condone the actions of law enforcement officers in Minneapolis,” O’Brien said. “If you feel like you need to demonstrate, you need to grieve, you need to get your anger out you need to articulate. We’re here to keep you safe.”

Safety is the biggest priority for those protecting the community of Traverse City.

“Traverse City tends to have peaceful protests, we always have and we’d like to keep it that way,” Carruthers added.