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Covid 19

Officials Warn Protests Could Become Super-Spreaders of COVID-19

06 02 20 Covid Latest Vo

With large crowds gathering in cities all around, U.S. health experts are warning of likely new coronavirus outbreaks.

Just under half of states are seeing a drop in coronavirus cases, including the hardest-hit state, New York.

Monday New York announced the number of positive cases in the state has dropped to less than 1,000.

That’s the lowest level since the outbreak began.

But the nation’s top health officials say it could be a short-lived dip if social distancing is not maintained.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz pleaded with protesters to consider the risk.

“I am deeply concerned about a super-spreader type of incident. We’re going to see a spike in COVID-19, it’s inevitable,” Walz said.

Many states, including Michigan, have ramped up testing.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention anticipates a large jump in cases because of the increase in testing, as well as ongoing protests and state reopenings.

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