Missaukee Co. ‘Quarantine Quest’ Rewards Residents for Experiencing Nature

The Missaukee Conservation District is challenging residents with its quarantine quest.

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Staff created it so people can safely enjoy the great outdoors while practicing social distancing.

Education Coordinator Andrea Mayer says the quest has 10 different elements that include identifying trees, making a bird feeder, and making art with leaves.

“I wanted to make sure that families had something to do to help with that at home learning,” Mayer says. “To me, it’s very important to be outside, getting that fresh air, getting connected with nature. It helps with your stress level. It helps with depression, and just getting outside makes you feel better.”

The worksheets to participate in the quest are available online and at the Missaukee Nature Trail. However, the quest is for Missaukee County residents only.

If you complete all 10 challenges, you win a conservation district cinch bag.

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