Gladwin Co. Creates Temporary Debris Waste Dump Sites After Flood

Gladwin County has been granted emergency authorization of four temporary waste handling sites through EGLE.

These sites allow people affected in the floods to dump debris left behind from the flash floods two weeks ago.

All sites are secured by fencing and will only be open through June 14.

Beaverton City Manager Heath Kaplan says everything is accepted, however, he just asks appliances and hazardous material to be tagged so that it can be separated accordingly.

“People need to have some sense of normalcy and to have trashed piled up inside your house; one the smell, the public health concerns, we want to get that trash removed and placed here,” Kaplan says.

Kaplan hopes this program provides some relief to people affected by the floods.

The locations of the waste handling sites are:

  • Dale United Methodist Church
  • Billings Township Park
  • Billings Township Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • St. Ann’s Catholic Church Diocese of Saginaw