Racing for Home in Leelanau Co. Turns Into Solo Ride

Habitat for Humanity Grand Traverse Region’s Racing for Home is changing its annual race in Leelanau County.06 01 20 Racing For Home Vo.transfer

This year the normally crowded event is switching to a solo ride.

Riders have from June 1 to June 21 to head to the World Cup style course at 45 North Vineyard in Lake Leelanau.

Race Captain Trent Grzegorczyk says adult riders compete for their best single-lap time on the 3.2 mile loop while kids ride the shorter 1.1 miles.

“There’s all sorts of terrain: there’s rolling hills, sand, a little bit of gravel. There’s technical single track,” Grzegorczyk says. “The big goal is for us to raise enough funds every single year to build one home, and I know that’s a big goal because it costs about $100,000 to build a home.”

There is a suggested donation to participate in the competition, which will then be matched 50% to benefit the Habitat for Humanity Grand Traverse Region.

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