Peaceful Protest Takes Place in Mt. Pleasant

Protests have been happening all over the country over the last few days, some even in Northern Michigan.Cmu George Floyd Protest

Hundreds gathered together in Mt. Pleasant, including CMU students, faculty, and community members, at the campus of Central Michigan University.

“I texted my friend Top Notch and I said ‘hey man I think we need to do something. There’s injustices happening in the country, in our own community and I think we need to do something.’ And he said if we’re going to do something we need to do it the right way,” said CMU senior Steven Green.

Green was the moving force behind Monday’s protest and march.

He took to social media to see the response he would get about the possibility of an event like this. He received a lot of support and hundreds ended up coming out for it.

“All it took was creating a Facebook page and within 12 hours we had over 600 members. And now it looks like the entire community is going to be here to protest with us,” Green said.

They started at the Bovee University Center on campus, when to Mission Street, turned left on Broadway towards downtown, and ended at the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office.

Throughout the march and gatherings before and after, they chanted and spoke out about the injustices they were protesting.

“We are protesting for justice and marching for peace,” said Green. “That’s what the name of this movement is. There’s injustices happening in this country and everyone knows about it but most people don’t know how to do something about it and this is how we do something about it.”

They had police escorts throughout the march and coordinated with law enforcement before the event.

They also had full support from the university.

“What I’m really impressed by is our students taking a leadership role,” said CMU’s President Bob Davies. “This is about the students putting together their voice, their opinions and their desire to peacefully create this from a monologue into a dialogue. And they have done an amazing job of coordinating and working it out. So my hats go off to the students and their leadership in this process.”